The Designer's


The Designer's Touch package is for people who are aiming for a 'fresh start' when it comes to their interiors.

We will create designs for your home giving you the confidence to implement these designs yourself. We will present all our designs to you in the signature Brownlie|Worsfold box, which will contain graphics to show you how your space will look, as well as a full selection of sample cards showing you the final finish of everything from the walls to the soft furnishings. We will have worked with you throughout the design process so our designs will be designed around you and your home.


The cost for this design package starts at £895 per space. Pricing will be confirmed during your consultation as projects can very depending on complexity. 

Full details of our terms of business will be provided to you in your consultation but if you'd like to see them before hand then click on the link below. 

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Get In Touch

Once you've got in touch with us we'll have a chat with you to learn more about your project, what space you're looking to redesign and what you're looking to achieve. This stage would typically be over the telephone or via email, and during this time we'll arrange a convenient time to come and visit you.

Your Consultation

We'll meet you at your home and talk through what you are looking for. We will discuss your likes and dislikes and how you want to feel in your new space. We will spend some time explaining our design packages and pricing structure. We will leave you with our terms of business document and if you're happy to work with us then you'll just need to return the signed document.

Design Brief

From the notes that we made during your consultation we will prepare a design brief. This will detail everything we have talked about and we will ask you to read through the design brief to make sure we have captured everything you are looking for correctly. Once you have approved the design brief, we'll start designing.

Concept Stage

From your design brief we'll get to the roots of your interior needs by pulling the brief apart, brainstorming and working on some concepts that we think will work in your space. As interior designers we always like to try and introduce new ideas to our clients, so you may find that one or two of the concepts push your boundaries. Doing this helps us to really establish what you like and more importantly what you don't like.

Concept Presentation

We'll come and visit you to take you through the concepts that we have created. Our concept presentation usually takes the form of a selection of conceptual images for each concept, which shows you the direction the design is going. We will spend time discussing the concepts so we can gain an understanding of how the concepts make you feel.

Follow Up

After the concept presentation we will give you a bit of time to mull over our ideas and then we will arrange a follow up conversation. This will usually be over the telephone so we can gather your thoughts and make a decision with you as to which concept you would like us to go with.

We'll Get Designing

Working to your approved design brief and the feedback you have given us in the follow up, we will create full designs for your space to give you that 'fresh start' that you were looking for.

Your Design Presentation

The exciting part! We'll come and visit you and show you our ideas with examples of what you could achieve in your space all packaged up in your own 'signature' Brownlie|Worsfold Interiors Box for you to keep. You can then use our designs to create that perfect space in your home. Your box will include graphics showing you how your new space will look, along with sample cards showing you everything from paint colours to soft furnishing fabrics. There will also be a set of technical plans so you know exactly how to create your perfect space.

Double click on the images below to see examples of our The Designer's Touch projects open in a new window. Pop ups will need to be enabled.